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Proudly Serving Veterans
from all military branches

Our pledge to veterans

NW Service Realty supports our troops. Stephen is a veteran and is strongly committed to helping veterans find and purchase the home of their dreams. Both Stephen and Stefan have helped many veterans with their real estate needs and they have a deep understanding of public and private programs that help veterans with their home purchases or home sales. 

While there are emotions involved in purchasing a home, Stephen and Stefan focus heavily on the practical steps of the process and walking with veterans on the path to homeownership. 

Like everyone else, veterans must go to a private lender to obtain a mortgage for a home purchase. However, the United States Veterans Administration guarantees a portion of the loan veterans obtain from private lenders, which allows them to borrow on more favorable terms. This might mean a lesser or no down payment, depending on the requirements of the lender. It could mean a lower interest rate. In addition, your closing costs are capped and might even be paid by the lender.

Since there are so many variables involved, Stephen and Stefan will act as your advocates throughout the process and help you understand how these various factors come into play. If you want to keep your monthly mortgage payment as low as possible, then negotiating a lower interest rate on your loan will be a priority. If you want to keep more of your cash on hand then you’ll want a lower or no down payment.

Other benefits of a VA home loan include the fact that you won’t need mortgage insurance on your loan, you can pay the loan off early without incurring a penalty, and the loans are assumable if the party qualifies. Also, you need not be a first-time homebuyer to take advantage of the program. 

VA loans are one of many ways in which the U.S. government shows our appreciation for the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made to keep our country safe. NW Service Realty is proud to work with lenders and the VA to help our veterans achieve their dreams of homeownership.

To get a better idea of how much you can afford and to get a preapproval letter, we recommend talking to the VA Home Loan Experts at Creekside Mortgage, Inc.